Our Mission

The Men’s Group mission is to build communities of support for Christian men who desire to be free from pornography and other sexual addictions. Our passion is to disciple these men in their journey towards sexual purity and personal holiness, pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Values

  • We hold great hope that men caught in porn and other sexual addictions can be freed by God’s grace.
  • We are dependent on the Holy Spirit’s power to lead us to repentance and victory over the battle against sexual immorality.
  • We believe in helping men in a spirit of gentleness and humility, while keeping watch over ourselves.

Our Practices

  • We attend weekly, prayerful, God-focused groups led by those who themselves have learned to renounce sexual sin.
  • We emphasize the primacy of personal daily time with God, reading his word and in prayer.
  • We practice scripture meditation and memorization as a means of transforming our hearts and minds.
  • We take a stand to renounce engaging in evil thoughts and desires while announcing our identity in Christ and willfully worshipping the Lord Jesus.

The Men’s Group is a multi-denominational organization run by volunteers. To learn more about the format of the weekly meetings, click here.

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